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We are looking for stories that show rather than tell, that appeal to the senses. A good story might have some strong language or describe some unsettling events. Good is the operative word here. So while we will do some editing of accepted work for considerations of style, grammar, or length and may also alter the title, we will not bowdlerize your prose.

Your story can be about anything: going there, being there, getting evacuated from there, going home from there, going back there. We will divide each book into sections that focus loosely on Close Encounters, Getting Through the Days, Why are We Here?, On Our Way and Back Again.

Stories need to be long enough to get to the end, but successful stories will be highly focused, clear, and vivid. We can help with some editing, but give yourself your best shot by taking the time to revise and trim out those patches of self-indulgence. Shoot for a length between a paragraph and 15 pages or so.

Please submit all stories as double-spaced Word (doc or docx) or rich text (rtf) documents. Use Times or Times New Roman. Please put your name and story title on each page, and then number your pages. Please do not send your submissions as PDF files. We won’t be able to do anything with them.

We are interested in non-exclusive rights, in all languages, throughout the world. Our use of the material does not restrict your rights in any way to have your story reprinted elsewhere. Feel free to submit a story that has been previously published. You just need to have retained the copyright or be able to obtain permission from the copyright holder to reprint the material.

This is important! Please include a few sentences about yourself, something offbeat and fun in addition to the usual list of accomplishments.

The Peace Corps will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2011.
Print version: We will accept stories for the print version of the books until April 15, 2010.
Electronic version: We will accept stories for electronic posting quarterly (spring, summer, fall, winter). We expect PeaceCorps@50 to be ongoing.

Please contact series editor Jane Albritton (jane.albritton@peacecorpsat50.org) for more details.

Via the web: CLICK HERE!
Regular mail:
We do not discriminate against the technically challenged. And so, if you absolutely, positively cannot send your submission in an electronic form, then by all means send your hard copy to:
Peace Corps at 50
PO Box 1219
Fort Collins, CO 80522